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 Institute Structure
·Center for the Study of Art, Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage [2018/3/13]
·Research Center for National Image, Creativity and Innovation in Arts and Humanities [2012/6/7]
·Center for Public Relations Research [2011/10/11]
·Xie Yungeng Worshop, Insitute of Shanghai Strategic Development [2011/9/28]
·General Office [2011/9/28]
·Cognitive Science and Decision-Making Research Lab [2011/9/28]
·Center for World Philosophy and Aesthetics [2011/9/28]
·Center for New Media and Society [2011/9/28]
·Center for Middle Eastern Studies [2011/9/28]
·Center for Media Economy and Management [2011/9/28]
·Center for Identification, Political Science and Society in a Comparative Context [2011/9/28]
·Center for Global Chinese Research (under construction) [2011/9/28]
·Center for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies [2011/9/28]
·Center for Cognition and Decision Research [2011/9/28]

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