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As one of China’s best research universities with a wide international reputation in the world, Shanghai Jiao Tong University attaches great importance to the studies of humanities and social sciences. Established in the spring 2008, the Institute of Arts and Humanities (IAH) as an interdisciplinary, college-level research institute strives for collaborative research facilitating cross-fertilization. It aims at promoting inquiry in the arts and humanities, and social sciences that explore contemporary issues and encompass all methods and approaches, with particular attention to practical implications of scholarly research for social change.

IAH has several research centers, including the Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Shanghai Municipality Joint Research Center for National Image, Creativity and Innovation in Arts and Humanities, Center for New Media Studies, Center for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies, Center for Cognitive Sciences and Decision-Making Research, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, as well as the Internet Public Opinion Research Lab and Cognitive Science and Decision-Making Research Lab.

Since its inauguration in February 2009, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Shanghai Municipality Joint Research Center for National Image, Creativity and Innovation in Arts and Humanities is the principal, umbrella research unit of the IAH. Its mission is to provide information and analyze the contemporary trends and issues of media and communication and national images and their policy implications, and to conduct cutting-edge research in arts and humanities and social sciences. It has conducted several ground-breaking international surveys concerning China’s global image and communications, including the Survey of China’s Image in the U.S. and elsewhere.

In comparative and world literature studies, IAH plays a leading role in China as well as international comparative and world literature studies circles. It co-organized with Harvard University the Fifth Sino-American Symposium on Comparative Literature in August 2010 which has a wide international influence. The special issue devoting to the reconstruction of world literature was published in Neohelicon in 2011. The Center for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies often organizes high-leveled symposiums and guest lectures inviting world renowned scholars to speak or lecture to the faculty and students of the university.

IAH is currently engaged in many grand and key research projects from the National Social Sciences Fund and MOE, and its faculty members have been awarded many prizes both at the national and municipal levels.

The founding Dean of the IAH is Liu Kang, and the current Dean is Wang Ning, both of whom are Zhiyuan Chair Professors of Humanities and Foreign Members of Academia Europaea. Liu Kang is also Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature at Duke University, and Wang Ning is also Changjiang Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Tsinghua University and Member of the Academy of Latinity.

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