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 Far East Academy
Far East Academy

Shanghai Jiaotong University Far East Academy is an education organization of the advanced study and training, founded by SJTU School of Humanities and the Far East Holdings Ltd. By way of subject academic chair, High-end salon, trainee forum, and so on, the academy invites one remarkable scholar or successful personage communicates with its teachers and students every half a month. Such lectures are not only geared to the students, but also promulgated widely through major websites, so as to render more positive and superior ideology and culture resources, and make more people adapt themselves to the trend of thought, exploration and communication.
Launched by SJTU for the public good, the Communication Figures’ Forum serves as a special summer school of postgraduates majored in Journalism &Communication all parts of the country, especially from Shanghai. It invites the authority figures in the field of the communication both in China and abroad to converse in a dialogue with journalism majors from all the most famous native universities every year. Its aims are that it can formulate a platform for exchanging ideas between the journalism and the academe or within the respective field, alter the state of Journalism education out of contact with the practice, of the mass journalism and the academic estranged from each other, help the learners get to know the latest trends of the communication reform together with the academic development, and contributes a lot to train the prospective high-level talents of the communication in China.
In 2010, the first Communication Figures’ Forum attracted more than 200 graduates from Beijing University, Fudan University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan University, Communication University of China, and so on. Over 20 media representatives gave much publicity to it. All the lectures were collected into The Communication Figures’ Forum (1), published by Shanghai Jiaotong University Press.
In 2011, SJTU Far East Academy continued to put together a 14-day lecture for the public good. Succeeding to the successful 2010 Communication Figures’ Forum, SJTU will hold a veritable thought feast for the communication and the academic nationwide once more. 35 the communication figures, experts and scholars both in China and abroad will be invited to giving instruction in terms of experiences and lessons of communication innovation and reform, for nearly 300 learners from the 90 native universities. It will throw light on the latest development trend of the communication and the academic, and keep the track of the communication as well as the discipline of journalism and communication. At present, the Communication Figures’ Forum has been included into the innovation plan of the postgraduate education in Shanghai in 2011 and has become a summer school of the postgraduate by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

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