Xie Yungeng


In the book, the author sorts and analyzes different types of reality shows abroad and uses precious first-hand image data as the most authentic texts of research. On the basis of a detailed categorization and analysis of the data, the book gives a systemic examination of the programs and a contrastive analysis between similar programs home and abroad, and also speculates on the developing trend of the programs. The ideas and arrangement of the book emphasize both macro-and-micro perspectives, integrate theories and practices, and the justification is supported by a great number of classical international and domestic cases.
作者:谢耘耕 曹慎慎 王婷
"Emergency reporting" revolves around the theme: crisis communication is the key to crisis management. The book adopts theories of public crisis management and knowledge of media communication, analyzes systemically the modes of crisis communication and influential factors in the environment of new media and discusses the challenges to the present emergency reporting mechanism in our country and countermeasures in the new communication environment. The book integrates some significant emergent events in recent years, and explores the methods of emergency reporting of various types of national media as well as the methods and strategies of public opinion guidance. It provides new perspectives and ideas on how to enhance the system and mechanism of emergency reporting in our nation, and improve the quality of emergency reporting and the level of research on emergency reporting.

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