Daniel A. Bell
1) 《社群主义及其批评者》

Daniel Bell adopts a "dialogical" form with ingenuity. In an age when theoretical works are more and more difficult to read and more and more specialized, the way Bell presents the content can be deemed as a backwash and is at least in line with the way of presentation in "The Republic" by the ancient sage Plato. In "The Republic" Socrates does not use any high-sounding jargons at all, rather he makes classifications, inferences and proposes arguments with the aid of a series of questions which finally lead to the central ideas he wants to express and justify. In fact, in the very first chapter "an argument for the dialogical form", Bell referred to "The Republic" as a precedent and argues that "the dialogical form seems particularly suitable for the on-going debate between communitarianism and liberalism in Anglo-American political theory."

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