1. Aug. 18, 2008 Seminar on China’s Senior Project maker and Cultural Agents 
2. Jul. 26, 2008 Symposium on Chinese Problems in Western Left-wing Cultural Theories
3. Dec. 2009 International Symposium on “Political Journalism and Chinese International Communication”
4. Apr. 2, 2009 The American Scholar Marshall Brown spoke in The Wenzhi(文治) Lecture Series(讲坛).
5. May. 27, 2009 Symposium on “Application of Eye-movement Technology in Research of User’s Online behaviors and Field of Usability Research”
6. Jun. 4, 2009 Cheng Zhongying, the master of Neo-Confucianism, Zhao Suisheng, a specialist on Sino-American Issues, Shu Yun, the famous independent documentary director spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture Series.  
7. Jun. 8, 2009 Forum on Operations Management in Chinese Media Industry
8. Jun. 9, 2009 Forum Summit of Chinese Presenters
9. Nov. 2009 International Symposium on “Translating China and Reconstructing Modernity”
10. Nov. 2009 International Forum on “Chinese Contemporary Art and National Image”
11. Jan. 11, 2010 Shu Yun, the renowned writer and producer, spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture Series
12. May. 19, 2010. Ni Yibin spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture Series on new perspectives in iconology and historiogaphy
13. Jun. 18, 2010 Jia Wenshan spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture Series on reflections on contemporary China’s strategies of global communication
14. Jul. 2010 International Conference of Comparative National Election Project
15. Aug. 2010 The Fifth Sino-American Bi-lateral Symposium on Comparative Literature
16. Sep. 14, 2010 Chen Yan spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture Series on structural comparison between Chinese and Western civilizations
17. Nov. 5, 2010 Professor Michael Holquist spoke in The Wenzhi Lecture on Bibliography and world literature
18. Nov. 29, 2010 Workshop on the Genealogy of Contemporary Western Thoughts
19. Nov. 11, 2010 Survival and Development of Newspaper Industry in the Environment of New Media- A summit Dialogue between Sino-American Media

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