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Xie Yungeng Worshop, Insitute of Shanghai Strategic Development


Xie Yungeng Worshop, Insitute of Shanghai Strategic Development


Xie Yungeng Worshop, Insitute of Shanghai Strategic Development  is approved by The Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People's Government and established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It is a provincial-level research base focusing on two research directions: new media and society, crisis management. The workroom endeavors to serve the government and the society, emphasizes the applicative value of research and strives to provide policy advice and service to the government’s public administration and become the party and the government’s "think tank", " information repository" and “talent pool” when facing new media and in particular crisis events via the commitment to the profound research on media and society

Xie Yungeng Workroom of Shanghai Development Strategy Institute is formed on the basis of integrating the high-end research forces from Jiao Tong University Institute of Arts and Humanities, School of Information Security Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and conducts interdisciplinary research on crisis monitoring, early warning and emergency management related to new media. Its research starts from the prototypical behaviors of new media in recent years in public administration, especially in a series of crisis events, takes advantage of the close-knit collaboration of different disciplines like communications, public administration, information science, sociology, psychology, analyzes the correlation of historical data related to significant events concerning the internet and public opinions, and sorts out the key factors and evolutional mechanisms of how a emergency transforms to a hot event online and in turn a public affair. On this basis, the center constructs the Index System of Pre-warning of Online Public Opinions in Emergencies and the Evaluative Index System of Coping Capacity of Public Opinions, develops an internationally-advanced prototypical system of software programs for the analysis and pre-warning of public opinions, which realizes automatic real-time monitoring, analyses and judgments of online mass public opinions, provides reference for multi-level governments’ decision-making concerning online public opinions, enhances their governing capacity, crisis pre-warning ability and coping capacity in emergencies which ultimately help maintains social stability and harmony.

Xie Yungeng Workroom of Shanghai Development Strategy Institute has remarkable research strength, a solid research base, and is supported by Key Public Biding Project of National Social Sciences Foundation(国家社科基金重大招标课题), National Basic Research Program of China(家重大基础研究项目)(Program 973) and National Engineering Laboratory. It has one-decade-long research experience concerning issues of online public opinions and a systematic monitoring system; moreover, its research is assisted by three databases, namely, China Online Public Opinions Database, National Image Global Research Database and Overseas Report of China’s National Image Database, and also a case library of more than 300 emergent public affairs. Meanwhile the workroom also collaborates with scholars from internationally renowned institutions like Duke University, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Seoul and The École normale supérieure (Paris) in research on management of public opinions in emergencies in different countries and thus provides references for government’s crisis management and guidance of public opinions.

At present, the achievements of the workshop include: Center director Xie Yungeng won 2009 key biding project of National Social Science Fund “Study on Index System of Pre-warning of Online Public Opinions in Emergencies”; The workroom has developed two index systems——“Index System of Government and Enterprise Coping Capacity”, “Index System of Pre-warning of Online Public Opinions in Emergencies”; Having a foothold on crisis management, the workroom has formed a case library of public opinions in 300 emergencies, opened a center network platform: a website reporting public opinions, and published “2010 Third Quarter Report: Evaluation and Analysis of China’s Coping Capacity of Public Opinions”, “2010 Report on Analysis of Chinese Citizens’ Online Expressions and Public Management”, and “2010 Annual Report on China’s Weibo”.

Xie Yungeng Workroom delves into topics related to “new media and society” and pushes forward the following tasks step by step: provide regular consultation reports on decision-making for the central and local governments; issue quarterly reports on coping capacity of public opinions in public emergencies; research and develop systems of online pre-warning and decision aid in public emergencies; improve the case library and database of management of online public opinions in emergencies, and publish series of books on public emergency cases; strengthen basic research and research of pioneering subjects, publish the journal New Media and Society, and hold academic symposiums and expert consultation meetings, among other activities.

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